Babies Meditation

“Wow! What an amazing meditation for babies. Not only will there be a constant memory within them of who they are and where they come from, keeping them connected to Yahweh and the Kingdom Realms from baby, but for my son, this amazing meditation calms him down at bedtime. Normally putting him to sleep took me an hour every night but now he is calm and asleep by the time the meditation is finished. The best thing about this beautiful meditation is he is not as restless as he use to be and I get to engage while putting him to sleep. With Charge Syndrome, sleep is such a big issue and we have tried EVERYTHING to help our son sleep and nothing has worked. We used this beautiful meditation, not even thinking about sleep at all, and our son has been sleeping the best he has ever slept and is in a state of rest throughout the night. Thank you for this beautiful meditation!” – Antoinette Miller

Moms - Rest Meditation

“This meditation is everything! Whenever I get a chance to listen to it, it really brings me such rest and peace. The best part about this meditation is that it has really helped with my anxious moments or those moments when everything just feels too much and you need a break. I make some time and really just engage and listen to this beautiful meditation, I feel normal and ready to take life on again. It also really helps me to reconnect with myself and with Yahweh so that I am able to connect with my loved ones.” – Antoinette Miller

Pregnancy Meditation

“Having had a rough first trimester day with nausea and exhaustion, I took a moment to listen to the Pregnancy Meditation. I felt a difference from the first few seconds. I just love this meditation! I went from feeling terrible and lying in bed most of the day to feeling a new sense of energy and an uplifting of my emotional and spiritual state. I highly recommend this meditation to all pregnant moms.” – Michelle Cresswell

“I was privileged enough to have access to Cadence Meditation’s pregnancy meditation during my recent pregnancy. It’s often hard to find more than half an hour of time to myself and so I loved that the meditation was 15 minutes of peace, escape and realignment. This meditation gently leads you to a wonderfully peaceful place of connection with Yahweh. It guides you into “being anxious for nothing” and engaging with your amazing body to carry your baby to its appointed time. It really helped me to embrace the knowledge that I am divinely chosen to be the mother of my child and left me feeling intimately connected to Yahweh. I would highly recommend the Cadence Meditation pregnancy meditation for any mommy at any stage in her pregnancy.”– Dawn Oosthuis

Adults Sleep Meditation

“Using the meditation for rest and sleep for adults has certainly impacted my life in various ways. The first time I tried it, I realised that my breathing is really shallow and not sufficient. The meditation teaches you how to breathe and then relaxes you completely. For the first time in a long time, I really had a good night’s sleep. I usually wake up 3-4 times during the night and not feeling well rested for the next day. I really wanted to check whether this way of meditation works and skipped a few nights and then tried it again. The outcome was overwhelming, and it really does work. I recently had to deal with some health issues and was admitted to hospital for surgery. Being in a lot of pain and anxiety kicking in, I immediately called to remembrance the mediation for rest and sleep that have become so part of me. I started with my deep breaths: Yud, Hey, Vav, Hey and immediately felt the change and peace overcome me. Theatre was a breeze, and I woke up in the ward in absolute peace. It is then that I realised that not only is this meditation excellent for rest and sleep, but a tool/technique that can be applied to any situation. A huge thank you to Cadence Mystical Meditation” – Rachel Naudé

Older Children Sleep Meditation

“The impact of the everyday stresses and pressures of a grade 11 pupil are so real.  Dealing with lockdown and social distancing has certainly impacted me emotionally, as being social is a source of energy for me.  My sleep patterns became irregular.  I then tried the sleep meditation for older children and found that after a week, my sleeping patterns improved, and emotionally I was more relaxed and was able to face every day with a positive attitude. The breathing techniques taught really relaxes me and I am able to continue with my studies and writing tests. Thank you, Cadence Mystical Mediation” – Wynand Naudé 

“The meditation gave us a nice feeling in our bodies.”– van der Spuy Boys, ages 5-12 years old.