About Us


Melanie is the wife of Ricky Nieuwenhuis and the mom of two beautiful children, Oraia and Judah.

Since her early twenties, Melanie started looking into natural ways of health – physical, emotional and spiritual. She started her journey with essential oils and then became intrigued with gut health. Once this pathway opened, Melanie began learning more about the benefits of grounding and breathing which then led her to meditation.

It has been a beautiful journey of self-discovery, healing, growth and intimacy with Yahweh.


Jenna is wife to Eugene Gouws and mom to three wonderful children, Hannah, Zoe and Levi.

Since studying health and wellness in her college years, Jenna has always had a keen interest in alternative therapies, studying aromatherapy and reflexology. Fast forward a few years, after some health concerns, Jenna set out on a journey to find alternative treatments to modern day medicine. This is where the journey of learning about gut health, grounding devices and meditation began.

It has been a wonderful journey with Yahweh learning how to nurture and care for our bodies.